Chilly Half and Frosty 5K Road Temporary Closures on March 4th

A popular race that brings thousands to the city; Unpopular to some of those who live south of Lakeshore Road.

By Staff March 1st, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON It may turn out to be a sloppy run on Sunday when the March 4, 2018 the Chilly […]

Is immigration the answer: '300,000 new immigrants and half of them are coming to southern Ontario'.

Syrians arriving in Canada

By Joseph A. Gaetan March 1st, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON The opinion set out below is one of a series of opinions given to city council […]

Deedee Davies: my perception is that you have lost control of our downtown on us.

Burlington flags

By Deedee Davies February 27th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON This is one of a series on delegations that were made at a Statutory public meeting on […]

Lisa Kearns: We need a complete strategy and we need it before this is voted into law.

Kearns direct smile

By Lisa Kearns February 28th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Engaged Citizens of Burlington (ECoB) is a not for profit group working towards a better Burlington […]

Jim Barnett: This should not be an election issue. It should be a get it right issue. There is still time if you have the will.

Burlington flags

By Jim Barnett February 28th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   In past delegations I have pointed out the many shortfalls of the current draft proposal, in […]

Lowville plans to go green on St. Patrickès Day - you get to sing your heart out.

Lowville sign - orange  a

By Staff February 28th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   The entire hamlet of Lowville in north Burlington will be “wearing of the green” on St. Patrick’s […]

Gary Scobie: Council got us into this. Now Council has to get us out.

Gary Scobie

By Gary Scobie February 28th,2018 BURLINGTON, ON   City council didn’t want the development but failed to respond to the application within the required time […]

Jim Young tells council they have failed to inform, consult, involve, collaborate or empower and reminds council that they are debating the citizens Official Plan.

Burlington flags

By Jim Young February 28th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON Jim Young, one of the most effective speakers in the city delegated before city council last night. […]

MetroToronto po;oce work withthe Regional police to arrest males who robbed Scotia bank branches at gunpoint.

HRPS crest

By Staff February 27, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Early in the month branches of Scotia bank were being robbed; one in Burlington, another in Milton. […]

Heather Lareau is ticked - Meridian made her personal email address public. Ouch!

TEC stop quarry expansion Jul17

By Staff February 27th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Fernand Coderre and Heather Lareau half a football field away from where Meridian wants to mine shale. […]

Place the order the day before online and pick up the groceries at the GO station the following day

Will parking in the parking lots we leave our cars in remain free while we ride these trains?

By Staff February 27th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   When MetroLinx announced that internet access would be available throughout their network the Gazette didn’t see that […]

City fails to spend $2.8 million plus in taxes they collected.

By Pepper Parr February 27th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   City budget are not like corporate budgets. Cities are not permitted to run a loss – […]

Free access to credit status if legislation is passed.

Credit report

By Staff February 27th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Not sure how getting free personal credit reports and assuring the public they will have improved access […]

City council chambers to get a major overhaul with better communications, more fibre optic cable and maybe even a coat of paint for the new council in November.

City Hall - high frontal view

By Staff February 27th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   We won’t know until the end of October who is going to be sitting in the seven […]

Different viewpoints on the impact tall buildings will have on the downtown core and if there are going to be tall buildings - just where should they be.

By Staff February 27th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   There are two sides to the decision to permit tall buildings in the Downtown core. Pam Casey, […]

Ministry of Transportation is indicating that the era of more roads is coming to an end. But more cars than ever are being sold.

QEW and 403

By Staff February 27th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   The province is sending a no more roads message; is the public hearing? If it happens in […]

Who gets what, when and how; that's what municipal politics is all about. Residents are wondering what they are getting out of all this.

Burlington aerial

By Pepper Parr February 21, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   The political scientist Harold Laswell once defined politics to be: “Who gets what, when and how.” […]

City is looking for volunteer fire fighters - applications close March 16th

Burlington Fire fighters quickly extinguished a blaze on Longmeadow Drive, Arson is suspected. .

By Staff February 26th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   The City of Burlington Fire Department will be accepting volunteer applications online from the public from March […]

Questions were pretty clear - the answers leave a lot to be desired.

Burlington flags

By Staff February 26, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   During the numerous delegations that were made before city council residents brought up different concerns. Is the […]

Dennis Gibbons: From alter boy to world class hockey researcher covering seven Olympic hockey tournaments.

Gibbons Dennis N. Book cover

By Pepper Parr February 26th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   When the 23rd Winter Olympic Games closing ceremonies were over Denis Gibbons was able to get […]