Staff reports missing from the Monday Committee of the Whole Agenda - no one seems to know why.


By Pepper Parr October 7th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The Marsdens (Dave and Anne) were never in the business of making life easy for their […]

Those that toured the quarry - 150 people - appeared to like what they saw and heard.

14a rendering of the lake 77acres

By Staff October 7th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   More than 150 visitors came from across Halton Region to attend Nelson Aggregates’ Quarry Open House and […]

The Provincial Review report is believed to be in the Minister's hands - when will the public get to read it? Ever?

We love B Prov Rev

Blair Smith and Lynn Crosby October 7th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON “If you judge from appearances here,’ replied Madame de Chartres, ‘you will be often mistaken; […]

Worobec logs 259 km in the toughest month leading up to the New York City Marathon in November.

bright red x ray

By Ashley Worobec October 7th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Overall it’s been another good week, however my right Achilles tendon started to give me some […]

Provincial Policy changes could change the balance between the interests of the municipalities and the interests of the developers.

PPS 2014 cover

By Pepper Parr October 4, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   If you spend any of your time on the kind of development that is taking place […]

Three of the five candidates took part in the BurlingtonGreen sponsored debate - the other two were no shows.

voice 19

By Pepper Parr October 4th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   It wasn’t really a debate – it was an occasion when three of the five people […]

Arrests made in hate crimes - two charged with Willfully Promoting Hate

Hate Suspect 2_B

By Staff October 4th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON It took a lot of time and effort and some dogged follow up work – but it paid […]

2020 Budget Schedule and the level of public engagement: the engagement is low the tax increase - unknown at this point.


By Staff October 1, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   It won’t begin until after Halloween has come and gone – the details of the 2020 budget, […]

Rivers on the Premier Débat en Français

All fr lang candidates Oct 2

  By Ray Rivers October 3rd, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The Bloc leader, Yves-François Blanchet, was in good form, making his points as the leader […]

Parent Involvement Conference to feature impressive speaker: Nora Young will talk about the coming data boom.

Nora Young

By Staff October 3rd, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton District School Board’s Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) will be hosting the 12th Annual Parent Involvement […]

Downtown Burlington experiences unplanned hydro outages


By Staff October 3rd, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Hydro operations control room. This is where the service information is gathered. It has been a bit […]

Amica submits a revised proposal in August and then files an appeal of the city's decision to do nothing with the proposal.

South east corner

By Staff October 2, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   On August 19, 2019, the Amica people along with their financial partner Bruce Partners submitted a revised […]

ECoB brings the federal election candidates to your living room.

ECOB logo

By Staff October 2, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   ECoB – the grass roots organization that gave Burlington the best look at the candidates in the […]

Four days to figure out where the smell was coming from? The place slaughters pigs - one doesn't have to look far to find the source.

A 150 year old corporation that plays a significant role in the Burlington economy.  Should a slughterhiuse be in this location?

By Staff October 16th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Complaints regarding the odour emitting from the plant at Harvester and Appleby had City staff and Council […]

The favourable balance in the city's spending will be needed at the end of the fiscal year.

Burlington flags

By Staff October 1st, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   In the weeks ahead city council will begin crafting the budget for the 2020 year. It will […]

The dog sets the pace for Ashley Worobec during a recovery walk after a 36 km run.

Ashley watcvh Oct 1

By Ashley Worobec October 1st, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   After the heat and humidity of last Sunday’s long run, I welcomed the 14C at the […]

What if the voters return a Tory Minority government

Flag at house of commons

By Ray Rivers October 1st, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The latest polls are telling us that unless things change we are heading for a minority […]

Federal election debate to take place at the Nuvo Network Thursday evening.


By Staff October 1st, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   BurlingtonGreen is sponsoring what is probably going to be the best debate between the federal election candidates […]

Can the development proposals planned for the 'football' be stopped?

From Lakeshore and Martha

By Pepper Parr September 30th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The view of the as yet unnamed tower as you drive into Burlington from the east. […]

City council opts for free transit for high school students; top bus driver in the city and the Mayor and going to steer this one.

Public transit more enjoyable

By Pepper Parr September 30th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   It was the Mayor’s initiative from the get go. She is going to ride this one […]