AGB resident ceramist to hold her first solo exhibit - reception on Tuesday.


By Staff January 2nd, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON Dawn Hackett-Burns is having her first solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Burlington. The exhibit will be […]

Best words heard and reported on in 2016 - keep them in mind in October of 2018

Burlington flags

By Pepper Parr January 1st, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   One of the reasons we do what we do at the Gazette is to record what […]

Burlington's Best nominations - an opportunity for the community to recognize those who have served.


By Pepper Parr January 1st, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   As a concept it is a really good idea. Nominations for Burlington’s Best Awards come from […]

Federal government pumps a little bit of money into Burlington's Canada 150 day events.


By Pepper Parr January 1st, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON   It was the place to be if you had kids with more energy than you had […]

Rivers reviews the Obama presidencies; doesn't give him an A+.

Obama 1

By Ray Rivers January 19th, 2017 BURLINGTON, ON America’s first black president. That is how Barack Hussein Obama will be remembered in the history books. […]

Will the future of Bronte Meadows become any clearer in 2017?


By Pepper Parr December 29th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   It is a large piece of land that you drive by when you head for the […]

Media event on New Year's Day - should have made it a levy and invited the whole city.

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By Pepper Parr December 29th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Something is up! Burlington MP Karina Gould will be working New Year’s day. Burlington MP Karina […]

It Will Be a Good Year for Canada - our 150th

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By Ray Rivers December 29, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   2016 was an annus horribilis, what with stars (Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Glen Frey, Carrie Fisher, […]

Three years ago - do you remember? The ice storm - that was in 2013 - the flood was in 2014


By Staff December 29th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Three years ago – do you remember? The snow storm that turned into an ice storm hit […]

Inclusionary zoning - will it be something Burlington decides it want to permit? Not with this city council.


By Staff December 28, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   The province recently passed legislation that will over time create more affordable housing. The new legislation makes […]

City renews a matching funds program that worked well last year - up to $5000 available.


By Staff December 28th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Griffin Gervais, now a grade six student, made a city program work for him and his chums […]

The paths students heading for high school can take; which high schools will be open is a different question.


By Staff December 28th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   While parents with students in high schools worry about just which high schools are going to be […]

Opening an email from a source you don't know can prove to be very costly to you. If you don't know the source - don't open the email.

ID theft screen

By Staff December 28th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   If there is a pdf file attached to an incoming email from a person or an organization […]

Why are we in this mess – did the trustees not see this coming? Actually they didn’t; three of Burlington’s four trustees have only been in office for two years.


By Pepper Parr December 27, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   For the parents of students at Central and Pearson high schools the question – Why are […]

The bike lane debate really can wait.

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By Staff December 26th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   It has come to this: On Dec 24, 2016, at 11:06 AM, philip waggett wrote: Mr. Goldring […]

For unto us ...


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Lowville crowd celebrate the Winter Solstice


By Staff December 24th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Before there can be a Christmas – there has to be a Winter Solstice; the day with […]

Mainway ice pads will be ready for the Golden Horseshoe tournament


By Staff December 23, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Fixed! The ice pads at Mainway Arena have reopened following a temporary closure to complete unexpected repairs. […]

Eleven trustees will determine the fate of Central high school - what is the real issue behind such a decision?


By Pepper Parr December 22, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton District School Board has 11 trustees; There are four that represent Burlington, four that […]

Hours for city administrative, recreational and transit services.

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By Staff December 22, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Most of us are rushing to get tasks done that just have to be done before we […]