Parts of the Beachway, LaSalle Park and Paletta are closed due to high water levels.

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May 30th, 2019



Paletta walkway 2

Pathways in Paletta Park are being eroded.

It isn’t just the ball parks that are having water problems: The Beachway, LaSalle Park and parts of Paletta are closed due to high water levels.

The Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Park—the Beachway—is closed until further notice due to high water levels. The closure includes all beach rentals and services.

Paletta shoreline

Shoreline in the Beachway is being ereoded.

The closure takes place to protect public safety and will remain until the lake-level goes down. There is significant sand erosion and debris at the shoreline.

At this time, the playground, concessions, washrooms, parking and the recreational trail will remain open.

The lake-level is approaching the recorded all-time high of 2017, and it is anticipated to continue to rise.

City staff will be removing the floating public docks at LaSalle Park. A contracted crane service will be performing the dock removals which is tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 31. The public boat launch will stay open and the docks will be re-installed once the lake-level has returned to normal.

LaSalle barrier

Washouts along with Groyne Trail at LaSalle Park

LaSalle Park, west and south of the Sailing Club, the stone dust trail has been closed due to  The pedestrian bridge on the Groyne Trail has been locked closed and barricades are in place.

LaSalle to docks

Docks at LaSalle will be taken out of the water until levels fall.

Trail access at Paletta Park remains closed along the east side of the park, as well as a section of trail on the west side of Shoreacres Creek at the waterfront, where shoreline erosion has occurred.

Murray Cameron, Manager of Parks Operations explains that rain has raised Lake Ontario water levels; everyone is being asked to stay away from the beach until the water is low enough for us to at least get a clean-up crew in place.


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