Prime Minister fills a high school gymnasium - forgets to mention the recently nominated Liberal candidate.

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February 1st, 2019



Our correspondent in Milton advises us that It was a full house for Prime Minister Trudeau when he visited the Craig Kielburger Secondary School in Milton.  1300 tickets were let out and every one snatched up. Pam Damoff and John Oliver were the ostensible hosts; this was an event run out of the Prime Minister’s Office to do everything possible to pull the Milton riding back into the Liberal fold.

Lisa Raitt - blonde

Milton MP – Lisa Raitt

Lisa Raitt, Deputy Leader of the Opposition is doing a fine job of keeping the government on their toes – the Liberals would love to take this seat and nominated a high profile athlete to give Raitt a run for her money. It will be a race to watch.

The packed audience was a Trudeau Town Hall – he handles this type of thing very well. And he just loves the “selfies” that get taken.

The first question came from a young person who expressed concern about the Huawei situation. Trudeau told the crowd that Canada is standing up for the rule of law; that we will not interfere in the judiciary process, despite political pressures by China.

Trudeau 3 sitting

This is what the Prime Minister does well -he takes questions head on – doesn’t fluff them off and does take much guff either. He faced a packed high school gymnasium in Milton earlier this week Photo by Stacey Newman.

Questions were raised about the environment and climate change; the future of energy in Canada; plastic pollutants in our oceans. To that last Trudeau told us that 90% of the plastic in oceans comes from 10 rivers around the world – none in Canada – but he did acknowledge that not enough was being done in Canada, that we have to do a lot better, that young people have a role to play, that they were a large part in getting the recycling movement underway – kids pressuring their parents.

To answer a question about Canada’s vision for energy, Trudeau spoke to our need to move away from fossil fuels; focus on renewables, and putting in place a carbon tax that will give money to families while encouraging big polluters to reduce their emissions.

Trudeau 2 finger out

Justin Trudeau – exceptionally well informed, talks directly and forcefully. Crowds love him for the most part. Photo by Stacey Newman

Another question from a student was quite interesting: how much funding went to space exploration vs education, especially math and the sciences? The prime minister said space exploration was more than about all that (pointing to the skies), that there were so many potentials for us here on earth. By choosing to invest in space, we created the robotic Canadarm. Investing in the technology that made that robotic arm, understanding the algorithms that perform calculations, data processing, holds so many potentials for us here on earth -robotics are used in manufacturing, in surgical procedures, as examples.

Trudeau - Adam works the roomAdam van Koeverdon was in attendance and worked the room – Milton is a want to win riding for the Liberals – it was odd that the Prime Minister didn’t make any mention of the candidate – the October election is already underway and they want the Milton seat.  A portion of the Milton constituency includes some of the northern part of the city of Burlington.

Trudeau addressed questions from the audience for an hour and a half, our correspondent reports that he was “fairly well-received by the crowd”.

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2 comments to Prime Minister fills a high school gymnasium – forgets to mention the recently nominated Liberal candidate.

  • Joe Gaetan

    So, “90% of the plastic in oceans comes from 10 rivers around the world – none in Canada”, but the Philippines are still waiting for word from Canada on when we are going to repatriate the 2500 tons of garbage contained in 130 containers. When asked about this in 2015, here is what our Prime Minister said, “He replied at the time that a “Canadian solution was in the works and he vowed to make legislative changes to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.” As of January 25,2019 it’s still there, empty promises are easily to made. Sunny Ways!!!

  • Phillip Wooster

    What is this–a Liberal fluff piece? “This is what the PM does well–he takes questions head on, doesn’t fluff them off”–where has the writer been? Trudeau is famous for his deflections and total failure to answer questions, unless of course, he is given “soft-ball” questions to which he has carefully rehearsed answers. “Well informed”–quite the opposite, it is apparent he has never risen beyond his calling as a part-time drama teacher.