Regional Health unit assures public nursing homes are being tightly monitored

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April 6th, 2020



When the number of COVID-19 related deaths were reported at a single nursing home in Bobcaygeon exceeded ten there was concern about what was being done for people who are part of the very at risk.

The Gazette wanted to know what the Regional Health unit was doing to ensure that the same kind of outbreak did not occur locally.

We asked some questions:
What is being done to protect residents and staff at long-term care facilities in Halton (geographic area) from the spread of COVID-19?


The Allendale Long Term care facility in Milton.

• Halton Region Public Health runs three accredited, non-profit long-term care homes: Allendale in Milton, Creek Way Village in Burlington and Post Inn Village in Oakville.

• To provide a safe and secure environment for all residents, Halton Region long-term care homes currently restrict entry of non-essential visitors.

• The Region follows all Ministry of Health directives for COVID-19 and is ensuring infection prevention best practices to reduce the risk of infection in our homes.

• Halton Region’s long-term care homes take a number of other measures to protect residents and staff, such as:

o enhanced cleaning and disinfecting;
o active screening of anyone who enters the home (including staff, new admissions, etc.);
o using personal protective equipment when necessary;
o maintaining physical distancing (social distancing) between staff; and
o ensuring proper hand hygiene.

• If a resident starts to show symptoms of COVID-19, he/she will be isolated immediately.

• Halton Region has also been communicating with families of residents and all staff members about the current COVID-19 situation.

Have there been any COVID-19 positive cases at Halton Region-owned long-term care homes?
• One staff member at Allendale in Milton and one staff member at Post Inn Village in Oakville have tested positive for COVID-19.

• Halton Region Public Health is working with the long-term care and retirement homes to take important precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of other residents and staff in the home:

o Any symptomatic residents or staff will be tested and isolated appropriately. All infection prevention and control measures are in place.

o Halton Region Public Health is helping to facilitate testing and identifying infection prevention and control measures the home needs to take.

• Families of residents in these facilities have also been notified and are receiving regular updates about the outbreaks.

Is testing being done for residents and their care providers?
• Long-term care homes must consult with Public Health and the resident’s primary care provider if the resident:

o exhibits symptoms of COVID-19;
o has been exposed to the virus; or
o if there has been confirmation of transmission of COVID-19.

• Public Health or your primary care provider will determine if any additional health and safety and clinical actions are required.

• As of March 9, 2020, when homes submit specimens for standard respiratory testing, these specimens are also tested for COVID-19 automatically. There is no change to the usual practices for submitting respiratory outbreak specimens.

• At this time, LTC residents and healthcare workers who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 are being tested.

Post Inn Oakville

Post Inn long term care facility in Oakville

Are visitors allowed?
• To provide a safe and secure environment for all residents, the Ministry of Health directed all long-term care homes to restrict entry of non-essential visitors until further notice.

• Only essential visitors with a family member who is critically ill will be permitted to visit the home. Our long-term care staff will notify families directly if this exception applies to them.

Does Public Health monitor the Halton Region-owned long-term care homes to ensure the care is at least adequate and that frontline workers are given what they need?

• Yes, Halton Region ensures our staff have the resources and training they need to support residents. At Halton Regional Long-Term Care homes, our primary focus is the health and well-being of our residents. We are committed to using evidence-based resources to support and sustain best practices that ensure the best possible resident care. For example, Public Health provides guidance and support for infection prevention and control; assists in managing outbreaks; and provides regular updates and communication to ensure that residents and staff are protected and safe.

Does Halton Region know how many private long-term care homes, nursing homes and retirement homes there are in Halton?

• There are three regional homes (Post Inn, Creek Way Village and Allendale), 15 private long-term care homes and 30 retirement homes in Halton.


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2 comments to Regional Health unit assures public nursing homes are being tightly monitored

  • Lynn Crosby

    I am not remotely assured but it would take considerable time to convey all that should be done with respect to our long term care homes and retirement homes to make me feel assured and frankly I’m too tired of trying to be heard after years and years of exposure to the system and all that is wrong with it.

    I will say that in a CBC article today showing that B.C. seems to be succeeding in flattening the curve where Ontario is not, they note this: “Fisman also credited B.C. for putting in an early measure to stop health-care workers from working at multiple care homes, which was a big factor in preventing community transmission.”

    That we do not pay our PSWs and long term and retirement care home staff enough and ensure that they can work full time with benefits at one facility rather than having to work at multiple ones while potentially spreading flu and other viruses throughout all the homes and the community every year is appalling.

  • Penny Hersh

    I read that someone from Park Avenue Manor also tested positive for Covid-19. Has this been verified?

    Today when I was driving back from my weekly grocery shopping I noticed 2 neighbours who live in the apartment building on the corner of James/Pearl standing with their dogs in front of the building definitely not social distancing, talking. What does it take to make people do what they should to protect not only themselves but others?