Resident catches contractor putting asphalt down a sewer.

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May 31st, 2019



There is nothing better than an on-site witness with a camera to catch unacceptable behavior.

Beaver street 2

Beaver street resident catches paving contractor breaking the rules.

A Beaver street resident sent in pictures of a contractor doing what shouldn’t be done.
They show a paving contractor dumping asphalt, and his Tim’s garbage, over a storm sewer grate on Beaver Street. He then had the nerve to spray down his truck bed into the storm sewer.

They have “made an super mess of Beaver Street below East Side Crescent. Asphalt flotsam everywhere including our kitchen, stuff is being tracked in.

Beaver 3

The damage to the sewer system will be significant – will the contractor be required to pay for the damage?

“No kidding, I could follow their shoddy work, asphalt truck tracks down Guelph Line from New Street to Third and over to East Side and on to Beaver Street

“Their clean-up post work completion was a joke – no professional street cleaner with a brush, no hand brushes, just shovels and a nut-bar spinning his wheels, digging up the street in a Bob-Cat sort of machine with a front end loader.

“I’m surprised the contractor workers weren’t peeing in the bushes” said the Beaver street resident.

“On the flip side, work being done, Town Home project, on New Street near Burlington Tailor’s is exemplary – they clean up their job site and street hook-ups and work – I drive by 4 time a day.”

There is a contractor getting a call from the people at city hall who let that paving contract.

The resident included the Mayor and the ward Councillor  in the information sent to the Gazette


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2 comments to Resident catches contractor putting asphalt down a sewer.

  • Roger

    Again proof – the developers do not care about our city.

    Editor’s note: There is no lack of sins to lay at the doors of the development community – but quite how this reader hammers them for something stupid done by a paving company is beyond me.

  • Fred

    This behaviour is very troubling. Storm sewers meant to drain rain water leads directly to the lake without further treatment.Toxic waste will contaminate our beaches, effect wildlife and contaminate our source of drinking water.
    We should not not take our safe source of drinking water for granted.

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