Rick Goldring bounces back - would like you to keep in touch.

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February 10th, 2019



For the first time in perhaps a decade Rick Goldring and his wife Cheryl were able to take a three week vacation during which he didn’t have to respond to a single email from city hall. It must have been wonderful.

Goldring spent three weeks in Australia and is now getting back into harness in his financial services profession.

He has produced a short video talking about the organization he has created and the services they will provide.

Goldring looked fit, relaxed and sounded upbeat. Losing an election is never easy.

There is one last election related task to get done. Remove the Goldring for Mayor sign on the office his campaign worked out of on Guelph Line.

Goldring sign

The sign on the campaign office appeared in two versions; one before the election campaign started – that one had just the name. The next version had the words – For Mayor which is still in place.

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3 comments to Rick Goldring bounces back – would like you to keep in touch.

  • CMG

    Curious what happened to Jack Dennison and Blair Lancaster, MIA…

  • Mike Ettlewood

    As I understand it, COB staff have been formerly requested to remove the sign. One of the infamous “awesome ladies” of Ward 2 is exercising particular due diligence and extraordinary vigilance in this regard. However, rumour has it that most COB staff are hoping that Goldring will come through on the recount and are dragging their heels.