Rory Nisan announces his candidacy for the ward 3 council seat.

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April 16th, 2018



You can expect election announcement to pop up regularly now – nominations open for the October 22 municipal election on May 1st.

There are three in the race for the job of Mayor; incumbent Rick Goldring, former municipal Councillor and Member of Parliament Mike Wallace and two term member of Council Marianne Meed Ward.

None one has made an announcement yet in ward 1

With Meed Ward in the race candidates for her ward 2 seat will begin to appear. Michael Jones, a ward 2 resident has said he will run if Meed Ward announces – she has – will he?

Ward 3 now has two candidates in the race.

Rory Nisan

Ward 3 candidate Rory Nisan

Canadian diplomat Rory Nisan has announced that he will register with the City of Burlington on May 1, 2018 to become an official candidate for the position.

“Councillor Taylor has been an excellent leader of the community for the past 30 years and I wish him all the best in his retirement. The ward has big shoes to fill and I look forward to working with John once elected,” Nisan said.

“We need to ensure that Brant Hills, Mountainside and Burlington’s rural community continue to be ably represented. I will bring my professional policy-making experience to city council,” he added.

With over a decade of experience as a Canadian diplomat, Nisan has worked on multi-million dollar budgets, negotiated major human rights resolutions at the United Nations and collaborated with different departments and governments in defence of Canadian interests. Most recently, he supported peace and security with Allies at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), focussing on strategic communications and North Korea. Nisan worked tirelessly to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada in the fall of 2015 and was awarded a medal from Global Affairs Canada for his service.

A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University (B.A.) and Carleton University (M.A.), Nisan has proven skills in building consensus and achieving objectives, and at the age of 35 he can offer a fresh perspective for the ward.
He will hit the ground running on city council, working diligently to build a city that works for everyone, including better roads and public transit, as well as thoughtfully managed city planning.

“With so many contentious issues before city council at this time, it is critical that Ward 3 be represented by someone with the right kind of experience to ensure we move forward as a community,” Nisan said.

Nothing all that specific in terms of policy direction from Nisan – but it is early in the game.

Ward 4 is going to have a candidate running against 25 year + veteran Jack Dennison. Shawna Stolte, a real estate agent has said she will announce her candidacy formally soon.

No new names in ward 5 yet. The seat is held by Paul Sharman

Ken White has announced that he will contest the ward 6 seat held by two term incumbent Blair Lancaster.

Nisan and his family moved from rural Ontario to Brant Hills in 1989 when Rory was just seven years old. He fondly remembers playing sports at the Brant Hills Community Centre and attending school at Bruce T Lindley and Brant Hills public schools.

Nisan with ward 3 residents

Rory Nisan, second from the right meets with ward 3 residents: From the left Gary Scobie, then Tom Bretton. Far right person was not identified.

Nisan has a long history as a community advocate in Burlington. He fought for better schools during the recent Halton District School Board (HDSB) Program Accommodation Review, including delegating to the HDSB.

In the aftermath of the attack on a mosque in Quebec City in January 2017, Rory organized a vigil at Burlington City Hall. This led to his leadership of the One Burlington Festival, the first inter-faith, multicultural festival in Burlington, in August 2017, which drew over 1000 participants and a dozen faith groups. He is also an active member of the City of Burlington’s Mundialization Committee. Rory’s dedication to his community has been recognized with a Burlington150 Award and a nomination for the 2017 Burlington’s Best Community Service Award.

“To lead the community, you need to be a part of it,” Rory said. “I care deeply about Mountainside, Brant Hills and rural Burlington, and I am excited to represent Ward 3 at City Hall.”

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2 comments to Rory Nisan announces his candidacy for the ward 3 council seat.

  • Stephen White

    It is encouraging to see well-qualified, smart and capable individuals like Rory step forward and offer themselves for City Council. Good luck!

  • George

    An Excellent Choice for Ward 3 Councillor.

    I am very pleased to see a fellow like Mr. Rory Nisan, a very intelligent and sharp fellow, running for city council in Ward 3.

    Burlington has had the pleasure of watching Rory make excellent delegations to the Halton District School Board Trustees in the past year where he presents himself with a professional and factual approach.

    Plus Rory is very involved in community projects and improvements. I know Rory will represent us well.

    Rory Nisan is my choice for Ward 3 Councillor.

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