The New York Mets Basically Accused The LA Dodgers Of ‘Stealing Signs’ During Their Recent Series

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June 4th, 2019



The New York Mets are harboring some strange concerns regarding the practices of the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Do the Dodgers know something about the pitching done by other teams?

Following a 9-5 loss last Monday at Dodgers Stadium, the visitors told the New York Post that they suspected that the opposition might have known what was coming as they knew exactly how to swing. According to the Mets, It was almost as if they’d known the pitch sequences and arm slots prior to the game. Basically, they asserted that the Dodgers had some sort of system or technology that enabled them to steal signs.

Riggleman Mets

RIGGLEMAN believes the Dodgers have “a system that helps get them some signs and stuff”

Bench coach Jim Riggleman told the aforementioned publication he believes the Dodgers have “a system that helps get them some signs and stuff”. He would add that he didn’t think whatever that system is is illegal, noting that the Dodgers do a good job of picking things up.

Manager Mickey Callaway echoed pretty much the same, saying that the Los Angeles side always seem to know what’s coming, with offset pitches the only thing that can throw them off, while scouts have also picked up on the fact that the Dodgers are making the correct guess on many of their big plays.

The following night, though, the Mets were able to come out on top, claiming a 7-3 victory to avenge Monday’s loss. Pitcher Steven Matz, who’s having quite the resurgent period, played a much better game on Tuesday night.

Matz did not follow a sequence and, after the game, he told the Post that he changed speeds and pitched backward to keep the hitters off balance.

The Mets did not win another contest during the four-game series, losing 9-8 on Wednesday and 2-0 on Thursday. And, during the final game of the series, someone from the Dodgers’ dugout evoked laughter from all in earshot after suggesting that they should turn on the camera.

Apparently, the Mets didn’t only suspect the Dodgers of stealing signs; they investigated, somewhat. Their general manager Brodie Van Wagenen and pitcher Jacob deGrom were both spotted inspecting the tower of speakers beyond Dodger Stadium’s center-field wall before Thursday’s clash.

If the Dodgers do have some system that allows them to wise up on opposition sequences, then they’ve put it to very good use. They’re the best offensive team in the National League at the moment and Betway is offering odds of +175 on them winning the National League Championship series. You could check out for the best baseball bets, as well as bets on all major sports.

The Mets, meanwhile, are garnering odds of +1800 to win the NLCS from Betway and have a National League bottom half ERA ranking of 4.54 (at the time of writing). They will probably find it hard to convince anyone the Dodgers gained an advantage by stealing their signs and persons from other teams aren’t exactly sold on the notion.


Kapler “no room for paranoia”.

Philadephia Phillies manager Gabe Kapler, for one, was in no mood to have the Dodgers’ home ground inspected for sign-stealing tech ahead of his side’s 6-3 loss on Friday, declaring that there’s no room for paranoia in his system.

It looks like the Mets are on their own for this one.

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