We get to make the decision as to who leads us - let's try and get it right.

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October 18th, 2019



Meed ward election night 1

Did we get it right?

A year ago today we all woke up and headed for the polling station during the day and elected ourselves a new city council.

Did we get it right?

Most people appear to think that we did. There are certainly some who think mistakes were made but on balance we have seven people who have a clear vision as to where they want to go.

Next Monday we get to go to the polls again.

Let us try and get it right.

There is a lot of small minded bickering and pettiness being voiced.

Is the dual citizenship that Andrew Scheer has really that big a deal?

Is it what the creation of a government is decided on?

Parliament hill crowds

The people, you and I get to decide who runs that |House of Commons. Think really hard about who you send there to do the job.

The Black face was and is a big deal – but it was 20 years ago. Has Justin Trudeau grown up? Has he learned a lesson?

Do we trust him?

That applies to all of them – do you trust them?

There are some very big, fundamental issues before us. If we don’t get them right – we are in serious trouble.


When this falls apart – we all fall apart. It will not be a pretty picture.

There is a tipping point, a point at which we cannot go back.

Are we there yet?

How close to that tipping point are we and do we really want to test it.

If we are wrong – there really isn’t a future.

There is some hard hard thinking to be done.

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2 comments to We get to make the decision as to who leads us – let’s try and get it right.

  • david barker

    David, putting it in the English vernacular “what a load of old codswollop”.

    For those not familiar with the phrase it is neither rude notor offensive.

  • David

    The expensive smaller microwave I purchased for my kitchen remodel catastrophically failed after only two years, , after this experience I had decided to reconfigure a part of my kitchen to accept a more standard model.
    I went to my local big box store and viewed all the candidates, all pretty much the same other than a few differences, So I picked a few that were mid range price and that would match my kitchen.
    A salesman approached and very helpfully pointed out the amazing features of one I hadn’t even been considering….Amazing! Sold and ordered.
    Back at the ranch I was thinking; why is it only one microwave out of all the other candidates was so cool, you would have thought at least one of the other manufacturers would have stolen this candidates ideas.
    After a quick check online the reasons became apparent….Do not buy this….So disappointed….Had a hell of a time getting my money back, along with the reasons they were so upset, Suddenly everything became very clear as to why nobody else was doing these supposedly cool things.
    Cancelled the order and went with my original, no bells and whistles no gimmicks, a standard microwave that will just do its job.
    After all, it has one one job to do….To microwave things! nothing else.

    My new standard boring microwave dose not dress up in costumes, does not dance, does not go off around the world giving away my money, does not interfere and bully the other appliances it just does what its supposed to do….It Microwaves things.

    Hope this helps.

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