Area residents became Canadian citizens on Canada Day during a ceremony at the Gazebo.

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July 3rd, 2019



The event took place in the Gazebo in Spencer Smith Park. It was one of the quieter events on Canada Day but for those who raised their hands while reading the Oath it was a huge day in their lives.

New Canadian citizens

If you look closely in the far right hand corner there is a young girl with her hand raised – becoming a Canadian citizen.

Those people had chosen to come to Canada – some from war torn parts of the world, other from just south of our border.

Immigrants built this country – ideally the people taking the Oath yesterday will build on what we have in place now.

It is really what the country is all about.

Citizenship head lineup

Some questions: Are all those women Liberals, wearing the party colours? And where oh where did Dave Vollick, the Town Crier, get those stockings? Were you able to count the medals on that veterans chest? What a fine photograph of the people that represented the community in welcoming new Canadians to the country.

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2 comments to Area residents became Canadian citizens on Canada Day during a ceremony at the Gazebo.

  • Judy

    I was watching the ceremony from the sidelines. It was very touching. I was happy to be there

  • Alan Harrington

    Always makes me feel proud when people – who can choose any country on earth – pick Canada.

    …and of all the wonderful places within Canada, chose Burlington to be their new home.

    Forty people from 18 different nations (I’m told) became Canadian citizens yesterday.

    Every Canadian at the ceremony is encouraged to raise their hand and repeat the oath.

    Our city became 40 people stronger yesterday. Welcome.

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