Area’s Amazing Things To Do Before You Are 12 at Mountsberg and Crawford Lake Conservation Area.

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August 8th, 2017



Summer days should be filled with play – time spent lying on your back looking at the clouds, building forts, hunting for frogs, and exploring!

Turn back the clock and make some time childhood memories at Mountsberg and Crawford Lake Conservation Area’s Amazing Things To Do Before You Are 12 event this weekend on Saturday, August 12 and Sunday August 13 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

snake - touch a

Touch a snake before you are 12

Families can spend the day checking things off a list of “Amazing Things To Do Before You Are 12”. Make a nest like a bird, touch a snake, make a masterpiece, learn to make fire without a match, and play to your hearts content. You won’t want to miss the fun at this year’s mud pie kitchen at Mountsberg or at the Archery range at Crawford Lake. Live snake and raptor presentations round out a day full of family fun.

Regular park admission applies, and Halton Parks members can show their pass for admission.

Birds nest

Learn how to make a bird’s nest – before you are 12.

Author Richard Louv introduced us to the dilemma of the growing disconnect between children and nature in his ground-breaking book “Last Child in the Woods”. He coined the term Nature Deficit Disorder which aptly describes the poor physical and emotional health of children and adults due to the lack of direct exposure to the outdoors. “Amazing Things To Do Before You are 12” event was created in response to provide fun, active outdoor play for busy families.

Mountsberg Conservation Area is located on Milburough Line, five km west of Campbellville, ON, between Highway 6 South and Guelph Line. This 472 hectare park includes extensive wetlands, forests, fields, and a reservoir. For more information please call Mountsberg at (905) 854-2276 or e-mail


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1 comment to Area’s Amazing Things To Do Before You Are 12 at Mountsberg and Crawford Lake Conservation Area.

  • Stephen White

    I remember I went on a class trip in grade 7 to Mountsberg when it first opened back in the late 1960’s. I thought it was an incredible place then, and my assessment was reinforced when I visited it a couple of years back.

    Crawford Lake is equally impressive, but I would also add a third location deserving of consideration and not just for its recreational amenities: Kelso Conservation Area.

    We are truly blessed and very fortunate to live in a region with so many fascinating natural resources that offer a unique educational experience.

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