City developer given an award for service to condominium buyers.

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November 12th, 2017


HHHBA award to Carriage Gate 2 cropped

Carriage Gate was given an award at the annual Halton Hamilton Housing Builders Association (HHHBA) Gala dinner.

The award was to recognize the developer for working with HHHBA staff and Management on ongoing planning, development and housing construction initiatives in Burlington and their attention to the interests of home purchasers.

Carriage Gate has a development before city council Monday evening.


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2 comments to City developer given an award for service to condominium buyers.

  • William

    The criteria for this award is as cryptic as the planning staff’s rationale granting them the extra height – a prize that’s much more valuable to their bottom-line.

  • Stephen White

    Having worked earlier in my career in the real estate development industry I can tell you from experience that these awards are passed out like Halloween candy. No big deal.

    I would be more interested if Carriage Gate were given an award for public consultation and listening to public input on proposed developments. That would tell me that the developer actually had a stake in, and took and interest in, the impact that their developments had upon neighbouring businesses and residents.

    I don’t expect this will occur anytime soon and I’m not holding my breath in anticipation.

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