City-wide burn ban effective April 13th

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April 7th, 2020



The Burlington Fire Department has issued a City-wide burn ban and suspending all Open-Air Burning Permits until further notice. The ban is effective April 13th, 2020

brush fire

Brush fires can easily get out of control – not what the fire department wants to have to deal with at this time.

As part of the COVID-19 response, a burn ban is being implemented as a preventative measure to ensure that Fire Department resources are available when and where needed most. Additionally, the Fire Department is trying to limit non-emergency interactions with residents and respect physical distancing requirements at this time.

Fire works

Fire department is discouraging the use of fire works this year.

Firework displays for the Victoria Day weekend are also being discouraged due to the potential fire hazard and concerns around social gathering.

Emergency orders currently in place to address the COVID-19 outbreak include the prohibiting of organized public events and social gatherings of more than five people. Failing to comply with any of the emergency orders is an offence under the Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act and may result in fines.

Park Closures
All amenities in City parks are closed, including parking lots. Please continue to respect the caution tape and keep off playgrounds, sports fields, skateboard areas, tennis and basketball courts.

Only walking, jogging, riding a bike or scooter/wheelchair through a park or trail is permitted. Remember to keep two metres away from others – about the length of a hockey stick.

The best thing residents can do to protect themselves and the community, is stay home.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward “supports the decision to ban open fires and fireworks for the time being as we manage the COVID-19 response throughout our city. Removing additional risk helps us ensure our emergency responders are better able to focus on the urgent work ahead of us in this unprecedented global health challenge.”

Lazenby David

Dave Lazenby, Fire Chief

Dave Lazenby, Fire Chief and Operations Section explains: “The open-air burning ban is a temporary measure to assist with the strategies put in place during this time of COVID-19, including physical distancing to help “flatten the curve”. It will also allow fire crews and fire inspectors to focus only on essential services without the need to deal with the issues and workload created by open-air burns. We anticipate lifting the ban as soon as it is safe to do so.”

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4 comments to City-wide burn ban effective April 13th

  • A.M. Tywonek

    Claudette been there. Done that. Lost my eyebrows to proof it. LOL! (they grew back :-)) I luv BBQ’ing. Now I ALWAYS check for spider webs. SMH. Oh, don’t forget, there’s always cereal. Order In. Stay safe. Stay Strong. Cheers.

  • Claudette Mancini

    Does the open fire ban include backyard BBQing? I’ve been known to set a fire by using the grill! Of course, I’m not particularly adept at this form of cooking at the best of times…..perhaps I should just call Skip the Dishes…or maybe order a pizza….or go on a diet…

  • Sally Hewitt

    I,for one, am very happy to hear the ban on fireworks! Every year many dogs and cats go missing, frightened by the fireworks. What about the wildlife? I can only imagine how frightened the new Moms and babies must be when they hear all this noise. It must be terrifying!!
    Time we all start to rethink what our new normal will be and maybe we actually start to think about and care about the animals and wildlife we share this planet with!!

    • David

      Noticed signs posted at all St Petes beaches. (No Fireworks permitted due to endangered wildlife)