Council meetings will now run for an additional half hour if necessary - can they all stay awake that long - there is at least one that struggles.

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January 13th, 2020



They didn’t get a raise in pay but they now have to work even longer hours – at least that is a recommendation that will go to a Council committee later this week.

The Procedural bylaw is getting an upgrade with the following change:

Adjournment Hours

All meetings will adjourn when Council, or Committee have completed all business listed on the agenda, or at 10:30p.m., whichever is earlier.

Where the business before Councilor Committee has not been completed by the adjournment hour, a motion may be passed by two-thirds vote of the members present to proceed beyond the hour of 10:30p.m. to continue any unfinished business.

Notwithstanding section 28.2above, no meeting will proceed beyond the hour of 11p.m.
Unless decided otherwise prior to the adjournment of the meeting, any unfinished business will be discussed at the next scheduled Council meeting.

Members of Council get a little longer to speak.
Each member will have a limit of three minutes to speak regarding Statement by Members. During this time a member will limit their comments to three items. Speaking items, and/or time may be extended by a majority vote of the members present. Discussion during this agenda item is non-debatable.

Council chamber - new look

Procedural bylaw changes mean those seats can be filled for an additional half hour if necessary.

The witching hour used to be 10:00 pm – which could be extended for 30 minutes.  Now the hour at which they are scheduled to adjourn is 10:30 – that can be extended for an additional 30 minutes.

There were occasions when members of council went on and on – telling those listening every blessed thing they were planning.

Much of this change has come out of a desire on the part of the Mayor for better Agenda management.

In previous municipal Council they were known to go on ’til well past midnight.

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