Mayor has a dashboard that tells her everything she needs to know about her Red Carpet.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

October 30th, 2019



The Mayor has a “dashboard”; a place where you can see everything you wanted to know about her Red Tape Red Carpet initiative, a personal project she dragged ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith into.

The initiative came out of the Mayor’s State of the City initiative to the Chamber of Commerce on January 30, 2019, when she announced a new initiative being launched from the Mayor’s Office in partnership with Councillor Kelvin Galbraith: the Red Tape Red Carpet Task Force (RTRC).


They all wanted a piece of her; it was the first time the business community got to see her up close.

“The initiative’s goal:” said the Mayor was to “ identify and eliminate barriers to growth and new business attraction in Burlington so that new and existing businesses can locate here, expand and thrive.”

You couldn’t go wrong with a statement to the business leaders in the city.

On Monday, September 23,the Mayor proudly announced that the “22 recommendations were unanimously approved by council, and implementation is now underway. Our new City Manager, Tim Commisso will lead this implementation and city council will be updated on progress on a monthly basis.”

You get to see just what was achieved. The link is HERE.

RTRC dashboard

You can scroll through the “dashboard” and read what has been done with each of the 22 recommendations.

The dashboard with all 22 recommendations looks like this:
A break out of just one of the recommendations appears on the right.

RTRC breakout

RTRC looks like it is being merged with the Economic Development Corporation. Prediction: Economic Development, currently an arms length operation will be brought into city hall.

No word on what this initiative is costing.  If you’ve nothing better to do scroll through the 22 recommendations and see if you can find any value.

The RTRC initiative however is more than a list of minor tasks – it is the device that Mayor Meed Ward has used to edge into the work that the Burlington Economic Development Corporation is doing.

One of the RTRC results was the creation of a job description for a person who would work within city hall to make sure that any new business organizations that were considering Burlington as their new corporate home would have someone inside city hall the making sure the the wrinkles were ironed out and get some wiggle into bureaucrats who were not moving at that brisk and efficient business pace the Chamber of Commerce likes to see.


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