Mike Wallace puts his platform on line - uses technology as a better way of knocking on every door.

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August 8th, 2018



Beginning today, the Mike Wallace for Mayor of Burlington campaign is offering residents a unique way to review Wallace’s complete policy platform as well as comment, share ideas, and ask questions of the candidate.

Wallace has released his entire policy platform on http://haveyoursay.mindmixer.com/

This first-ever online conversation with voters focuses on six key policy areas:

Planning, Growth & the Official Plan;

Congestion & Traffic;

Parks, Recreation & Culture;

Property Taxes;

Embracing Opportunity;

and, Fostering an Engaged City.

The program and policy platform is also embedded in the Mike Wallace for Mayor campaign website www.mikewallaceformayor.ca and will operate through to election day on October 22, 2018.

Wallace election car

Mike Wallace beside his campaign car.

“This is like a virtual door-knocking tool,” said Mike Wallace, former 3-term MP for Burlington and 5-term city Councillor. “It will allow voters to get to know me and where I stand. More importantly, it will let me hear what voters really care about and share their own ideas. Not only with me, but each other. Together, we will be able to make better choices for Burlington.”

Residents can sign-up to participate through their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google accounts. They can also sign-up with their email addresses and create their own password. Participation will be promoted through a series of online advertisements and social media. The site will operate, receive comments, and share ideas and provide policy updates based on voter input throughout the entire election period.

Wallace said, “Too often, it’s only the loudest or most agitated voices that get heard. My team and I want to get everyone involved. We want to make it easy and effective.”

The online public engagement tool, called MindMixer, has helped hundreds of municipalities across North America develop connections that cross neighbourhood lines, generate enthusiasm among more locals, and capture feedback that brings resident priorities into focus. The City of Guelph uses a MindMixer site as the official public discussion tool of the municipality cityofguelph.mindmixer.com. It has generated many new ideas and policies.

Wallace with Staz

Mike Wallace in conversation with Marty Staz, a candidate for the ward 1 city council seat.

The Wallace campaign will also be expanding its online engagement of voters through a series of online townhall meetings, called Mondays with Mike where issues, policies, and community concerns will be discussed on Facebook Live. The one-hour townhall meetings will begin on August 13 at 7:00pm and continue weekly through election day. Voters will be able to ask questions and provide their comments directly to the candidate.

Wallace said, “As municipal leaders, we can never engage enough with the taxpayers of Burlington. It needs to be done early, often, and sustainably. My core campaign promise is to create a more engaged city. Today, we begin this process. Better policies come from collaboration, not confrontation.”

Wallace at Memex

Mike Wallace boning up on his briefing notes.

About Mike Wallace:
Mike Wallace is running for Mayor of Burlington after serving the residents of the city for 3 terms as its Member of Parliament and 5 terms as a city Councillor. He was responsible for leading the development of such Burlington landmarks as the Performing Arts Centre and the Paletta Mansion and Park, as well as convincing the Government of Canada to fund the clean-up efforts of the largest toxic waste site on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes, Randle Reef in Burlington Bay. He is now a professional realtor. His campaign office will open on August 18.

MindMixer’s online engagement tools connect organizations with community members who might not otherwise get involved.

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6 comments to Mike Wallace puts his platform on line – uses technology as a better way of knocking on every door.

  • Ted Griffith

    FYI all – Mike Wallace has been door knocking all summer and will continue through the campaign. The MindMixer platform is not a replacement for meeting people face to face – just a way to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to hear what Mike is thinking and weigh in with their own comments and suggestions – just as they would at the door. I am sure all candidates find it increasingly difficult to reach voters at home. With this virtual policy platform; Mike and his team will be able to receive input and share new ideas throughout the entire campaign. Public engagement is not a one-off event, but a continually evolving process.

  • Gary Scobie

    Using this tool is one way to engage, but nothing beats one-on-one meetings with constituents at their doors. Marianne Meed Ward starting canvassing door to door with her team on May 19th. Mike, you’re opening your office on August 18th. By my calendar that’s three months later.

    You state you want to start early, but I think your “virtual” door-knocking is going to have to make up for a lot of lost time. Oh well, better late than never.

  • Brian Ellis

    A good start, Mike, but I’d like to see your take on environmental issues, especially given your past association with the Conservative Party federally and the current pull back by the Ford provincial government on virtually all green initiatives!

  • Blair Smith

    Congratulations to Mr. Wallace in adopting another avenue for public input and comment. It’s always good to engage. Marianne Meed Ward has been doing so for eight years and has used all available means and media (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, email, group meetings and face-to-face encounters) as a natural result of her passion for engagement with citizens. I am always a little distrustful when the media becomes part of the message with form perhaps ruling over substance. I think that this may be the case with MindMixer and Mr. Wallace’s policy proposals. It will be interesting to see how his “proposed policies” change as a result of this public collaboration. If they do not change then this would appear to be a completely cynical exercise. If they change significantly, then one has to question how well crafted they were in the first instance. Still hats off for opening the door – better late than never. Mr Goldring – your turn.

  • It’s a little heavy on “will study”, “will support” or “will focus”, but in all fairness it is something.

    The wording is a little slippery in places:

    “Mike will keep municipal taxes tied to the rate of inflation.”

    Burlington taxes? or we going to play this game of taking credit for Gary Car’s ability to keep Halton taxes near zero and keep Burlington tax increases near twice of inflation?

  • Ron brazil

    Excellent! Finally, someone who knows how to and wants to engage ALL the residents. Let’s get the critically important Burlingon topics listed above on the right leader’s agenda.

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