MP's deliver more than five million to the city.

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August 10th, 2018



The cheque was in the mail – and it is a big one.

MPs anf the bus

Oakville Burlington North MP Pam Damof on the left with Burlington MP Karina Gould talk with Director of Burlington Transit Director Sue Connors at the transit depot

The two women who represent Burlington in the House of Commons, Pam Damoff who is the Member for Oakville North Burlington and Karina Gould who represents Burlington and sits in Cabinet as the Minister of Democratic Institutions announced yesterday that $5,598,729 was being given to Burlington.

The funds are Burlington’s share of the federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF) which are to go to covering part of the cost of local infrastructure.

The annual funding through the indexed federal Gas Tax Fund for municipal infrastructure like public transit, water and wastewater, local roads, sports and recreation facilities and tourism infrastructure.

The federal Gas Tax Fund will pay for new public transit shelters and buses; it is part of flexible, predictable funding to address some of the biggest priorities.

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4 comments to MP’s deliver more than five million to the city.

  • Wayne Elgie

    I wonder how much Mr. Ford’s Gas Tax Amounts will be delivered to the communities?? Smile and wait. Buy a beer. Wayne Elgie

  • George

    I wonder how much of the federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF) went to the inefficiencies of the federal government and the wasteful spending of the Trudeau Liberals.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how much went to a.) Federal bureaucracy, b.) Donated to other countries to make Trudeau look good in his quest for a seat in the UN after he loses the 2019 election, c.) Overpaying for purchasing private enterprise pipelines, etc. etc.

    I just returned from a trip in the US where it cost me $35 US to fill my tank of gas versus $60+ CDN. I believe the excessive taxes curtail our economy and the citizens know best how to spend their hard earned dollars versus federal bureaucrats and politicians.

  • Marnie Mellish

    I can hardly wait to see how much Transit receives.

  • Ben Tuinman

    Wonderful news….now we can start the resurfacing of Plains Rd W to the RBG…..BADLY needed !!

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