Nominations for Burlington's BEST close on the 28th - the 2018 nominees will mark the end of the event.

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February 24th, 2019



The deadline for what has been an annual event for the past 53 years is February 28th. The city asks the citizens to nominate people they feel have served the city well in eight categories.

2017 best winners

The 2017 winners pose with their awards. From left to right: Kim Moss (Community Service), Addison Wood (Junior), Ron Danielsen, on behalf of Friends of Freeman Station (Heritage), Mae Radford (Senior), Osob Adus (Citizen of the Year), Mayor Rick Goldring, Bill Murray (Accessibility), Teresa Seaton (Arts Person), Gloria Reid (Environmental)

The eight categories are:

Citizen of the Year
A person whose volunteer activity has made a significant and sustained contribution to the vibrancy and well being of the Burlington community in 2018.

Junior Citizen of the Year
A youth, 14-18 years of age who has made a significant contribution to the Burlington community in 2018.

Senior Person of the Year
A person, 55 years or older who has made a significant contribution to the Burlington Community and/or advocated on behalf of seniors in 2018.

Environmental Award
An individual or group that improved and/or protects Burlington’s environment in 2018.

Arts Person of the Year
An individual who has contributed to the arts in Burlington as an artist, patron or advocate including but not limited to, visual arts, media arts, musical arts, performing arts and literary arts in 2018.

Community Service Award
An individual or group whose volunteer activity has contributed to the betterment of the Burlington community in 2018.

Heritage Award
An individual or group who has demonstrated a commitment to the preservation of Burlington’s heritage, and has volunteered their time in an effort to support the preservation of Burlington’s heritage in 2018.

Accessibility Award
An individual, organization or business who have made significant contributions to increase access and participation of people with disabilities in the Burlington community in 2018.

In the past the city has stretched the nomination date – the uptake on the part of the citizens wasn’t as robust as it could have been.

Burlington-Best-Header-847x254Many have used their being named one of the Best as a launch for a political career. There have been some abuses: wives have nominated husbands; mothers have nominated sons

This, the 53rd event is reported to be the last.
Gazette sources have advised that the program will come to an en this year.

Established in February 1965 as the Civic Recognition Committee it may have outlived its usefulness.

What isn’t clear is – who made the decision to end the program?

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2 comments to Nominations for Burlington’s BEST close on the 28th – the 2018 nominees will mark the end of the event.

  • Bonnie

    I am sorry to see the end of these awards. Students are recognized for their achievements, business people are recognized, athletes are recognized. Why then does it not follow, that we celebrate those in our community who go above and beyond to make our city a better place?

    Those who volunteer do not do so to win an award but if an individual’s peers feel they would like to recognize that person’s efforts by submitting a nomination for ‘Burlington’s Best’, it is something that should be continued with an evening of celebration.

  • Penny Hersh

    If indeed this is the last year for “Burlington’s Best then I say it is about time. There are many volunteers who for years have given their time to help others, and have done so expecting nothing in return. No one person works alone, it “takes a village, so why should one person be singled out?

    Times have changed and for the past few years the fact that the nominations for these awards have been extended speaks volumes.

    Most people who decide to volunteer their time to making Burlington a better place to live do so because they have a genuine interest in people and their city.

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