For every bear that ever there was. Will gather there for certain, because. Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

Teddy Bear picnic kids

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON August 29.2012 If you missed getting your kids to the Royal Botanical Gardens for the Fairy Queen visit – you can […]

Burlington teen Killed by westbound GO train between Appleby and Burlington stations.

Some 400 passengers were kept aboard a westbound GO train late Tuesday evening while police and emergency service investigated a track-side fatality.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON August 29, 2012 Burlington experienced its first rail based fatality Tuesday evening when a youth was struck by a locomotive on […]

Community Foundation wants to take Burlington’s pulse; roll up your sleeves.

Pulse taking

By Colleen Mulholland, Executive Director, Burlington Community Foundation BURLINGTON, ON August 28, 2012 Over the past two decades, I’ve seen a lot of positive change […]

Same old, same old for Burlington. Federal constituency boundaries to remain the same.

Wallace with blue maps

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON August 28, 2012 If things stay the way they are going Burlington`s Marvelous Mike will not have to convince anyone […]

Are we all frogs sitting in a pot of water that is about to be boiled? An economist thinks we might be. He`s worth listening to.

Thinkspot logo

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON August 27, 2012 It is interesting to listen to the views on Burlington`s decision to purchase cars that were not […]

It is determination, grit and never forgetting what the goal is that identifies true champions.

With a full crew and the right weather conditions Michele Benoit will eventually slip into the water, without the wet suit, and swim Lake Ontario.  Labour Day weekend might looks like her next date.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON August 27, 2012 It was the event that didn’t happen – and an event that was over shadowed by a […]

City awarded a bronze medal for being friendly to bicycles. Now we need ways to make cars and bicycles friends as well.

Burlington was up for a pre-Olympic cycling competition but the opportunity got away from us.  Maybe in the future?

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON Aug. 26. 2012- Last week Ward 6 Councillor Blair Lancaster was in Ottawa as a city delegate to the Association […]

Downtown farmer`s market is adding more vendors than people. It`s a struggle – but then anything worthwhile is never easy.

Farmer's market - produce table

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON August 17, 2012 The small market that has been operating every Friday in a parking lot on John Street – […]

City hall staff to be collectively accountable and asked to ‘up the pace`. That`s good news.

City Hall - high frontal view

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON August 23, 2012 When an organization brings in a new leader expect changes – that`s why the new leader was […]

Former Halton teacher criminally charged with sexually exploiting a student between 2005 and 2010

Former Halton Board of Education teacher charged with sexual exploitation

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON August 23, 2012 The Halton Children’s Aid Society has investigated a complaint against a Halton Board of Education teacher thought to […]

Major mover and shaker at the Seniors’ Centre says life couldn’t be better – the place is working just fine.

Veitch and wife

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON August 23, 2012 The first clue is the handle bar mustache that is now snow white. The moment you […]

Arson Suspected in Two Car Blaze on Longmeadow Drive

Burlington Fire fighters quickly extinguished a blaze on Longmeadow Drive, Arson is suspected. .

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON August 23, 2012 It was just after 1 am in the morning when the fire trucks raced up Longmeadow Drive […]

Light summer entertainment at band shell. Alchemy Unplugged takes audience through a 90 minute program that ends to soon.

Seniors with their chairs set out in neat rows listening to Alchemy Unplugged at the Band shell last week.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON August 21, 2012 It was one of those summer evenings when the living is easy. The mosquitoes weren’t biting and […]

Riviera Motel fire will hasten the demolition of the building which might prod development of the property.

Fire damage to the top floor of the Riviera Motel was extensive and arson was thought to perhaps be the cause of the blaze to the abandoned motel.  No report yet from the Office of the Fire Marshall.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON August 21, 2012 The fire on the top floor of the Riviera Motel will mean the demolition of that building […]

Actual construction of the pier will get underway this week as girders are bolted together and lifted into place.

The flat bed truck arrived just after noon last Friday

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON August 20, 2012 Just over a year ago, the city agreed to requests to delay the due date for the […]

For the fifth year people have gathered on the shores of Lake Ontario to play in the sand during Burlington`s Children`s Festival.

The Andrews Family took top prize in the Adult category as well as the People's Choice prize Their winning effort was "under construction" in this photograph.

By Pepper Parr They gather in the hundreds and spend hours building sand castles. There are the professional sand castle builders; then there are the […]

Burlington’s Riviera Motel damaged by fire; arson suspected.

Riviera from front

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON August 18, 2012 The Riviera Motel, empty for at least six months was found ablaze late Friday night. Burlington fire crews […]

Burlington’s Benoit postpones her Lake Ontario swim because of high winds.

Michele Benoit needed reasonably calm waters to cross Lake Ontario Friday night.  The weather didn't cooperate and the swim was postponed

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON August 18, 2012 She put everything she had into the effort. It cost her the job she had but for […]

Bun fight on Silvan Drive: Police maintain the perils of social media evident at Burlington gathering

Surprise - we heard about your party and we want in.  Police were called - it got "unruly"

By Staff BURLINGTON. ON August 17, 2012 Halton Regional Police are reminding the public of the perils associated with social media platforms after notice of […]

Men are really wonderful, even when proud, stubborn and a little bit pig-headed.

Moving truck

By Margaret Lindsay Holton I recently moved. And, as anyone who has been through this anxious ordeal knows, moving, if not carefully planned out, can […]