The identity thieves are always out there - like the weather - they never go away,

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June 22nd, 2017



They are sort of like the weather – you can’t avoid them if you use the internet.

Somewhere along the way someone sold an Identity Thief one of our addresses and like clockwork – in comes an email warning about a danger lurking out there for us.

This one was related to an BMO account.

We know what we do with our various bank accounts – but some people think their bank might be trying to tell them something important.

Your bank will never send you this kind of notice – they value you as a customer – they will call you if there is a problem. Because when there is a serious problem the banks end of having to pay out at least some of the loss.

BMO scam

We removed the name of the recipient. This did not come from BMO. That verify your account now link could wipe you out financially. It is the first step to getting their hooks into you.

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