Why does hockey have the grip it has on sports enthusiasts?

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January 20th, 2020



Soccer, tennis, football and baseball are sports that have a following.  Hockey has stood the test of time.

Soccer has been a favourite across the globe, with cricket, football, tennis and basketball also achieving international fame. The interesting part about hockey is that while there are just a few countries that play the sport, yet its fandom is universal.

nhl fans

Fans go wild when their team scores.

As a sport, hockey has everything going for it. The action inside the rink is fast, confined, and thrilling. The teams and the players have a celebrity-like persona that results in fans worshiping them.

Hockey  is a regular in the betting world, giving it a stamp of approval that makes it an international sport worth watching. The collection of great NHL moments shown below is something you will want to watch again and again.

Year-Round Activity
One of the main reasons for NHL being a highly bet-worthy event is its year-round activity. There are competitions, such as the tennis Grand Slam Wimbledon, that take place for a few days every year and gather up quite a following. However, when it comes to lucrative sports betting, it is always nice to invest in something that goes on for a long time. In the case of the NHL there is the regular season followed by intensely played play-off series.

Even during the off-season, there are opportunities to bet on player transfers and trades. With so much activity going on, there is something or the other for punters to wager on when it comes to the NHL.

Excellent Coverage
It’s one thing to have year-long happenings, but a completely different one when it comes to coverage of a sport by bookmakers. When it comes to the NHL, all the leading bookmakers are onboard. Bookies tend to cover each and every game of the season with equal enthusiasm. Moreover, sites such as Canada Sports Betting feature the latest NHL odds from the most prominent online bookies along with tips and predictions to help punters decide on the best bets. The kind of coverage given to the sport makes it easy even for first-time bettors to make money from the NHL, especially when you count in the welcome bonuses that bookies give to their new customers.

Massive following
Sports has always been about getting people together and having a passionate and fun time. NHL does precisely that, with everyone from kids to the elderly following their favourite teams throughout the season. Since there is such mass following, it makes betting on NHL games a lot more exciting. Adults wanting to wager on games can discuss and debate players and team statistics with friends and family, and make sports betting a fun affair with rewards that everyone can enjoy.

Stanley Cup

The storied Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup
In the end, the cherry on top of the NHL cake is the Stanley Cup. Whether you look at it from a betting point of view or just as a fan, the euphoria of an entire season culminates into one massive event that has everyone excited. Not only does this further adds to the sporting allure of the NHL, but also ends everything with a bang, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the start of the next season.

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